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3D Printed Devices Employing Sculpted Dielectrics

Direct Write Printed Materials / Electronics

Expert May 9, 2017 3:15 pm - 3:40 pm

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Raymond C. Rumpf PhD, Director, EM Lab; Schellenger Professor, University of Texas at El Paso

Direct write additive manufacturing is a highly promising technology for manufacturing circuits, antennas, and other electrical functions into 3D printed structures. Another degree of freedom is structuring the dielectric that surrounds the metal patterns. This talk will cover some of the research by the EM Lab at the University of Texas at El Paso on electromagnetic devices that combine direct write with structured dielectrics. Spatially-variant anisotropic metamaterials, for example, can be used to sculpt the near-field around components like it was clay to modify radiation pattern of antennas, decouple components in close proximity, and more.

Raymond Rumpf PhD

Director, EM Lab; Schellenger Professor
University of Texas at El Paso

Dr. Rumpf is an Associate Professor of Electrical