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3D Scanning Accuracy vs Resolution: Why it Matters and What it Means

3D Imaging / Scanning I, II

Intermediate May 9, 2017 3:45 pm - 4:10 pm

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Mike Formica, President & Founder, threeRivers 3D

Despite their use across numerous industries, the terms ‘accuracy’, ‘precision’, ‘resolution’ and ‘repeatability’ are used almost interchangeably by suppliers and users alike. However, each of these terms represents a very specific characteristic of any measurement system. Understanding the differences between each one is critical to understanding if a given system will work for a given application. This presentation will define the differences between each measurement. From there a series of real world scans will be used to clearly demonstrate the difference between these characteristics. I.e. scans with high accuracy and low resolution; low accuracy and high resolution, etc. A series of potential applications will be provided with recommendations on which specifications matter and when. Finally, we will review the types of tests a user can perform to validate their 3D scanner’s performance as well as examples of similar techniques and tools are used to manufacture a 3D scanner.

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Mike Formica

President & Founder
threeRivers 3D

Mike Formica is the Founder and President of 3Rivers 3D, a leading manufacturer of 3D