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A 73 Year-Old Machine Shop’s Journey into Metal Additive Manufacturing

Business & Economic Considerations I, II, Power Up

Novice May 9, 2017 10:15 am - 10:40 am

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Wesley J. Hart, Marketing Director, Imperial Machine & Tool Co
Christian G. Joest, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Imperial Machine & Tool Co

This presentation will detail the real-world story of how a 73 year-old machine shop successfully incorporated metal additive manufacturing (AM) into their business model. With 3 years of hands-on experience and two SLM 280 HL systems installed at their facility, Imperial Machine & Tool Co. shares some of the toughest lessons they’ve learned, and how metal AM has positively affected their business.

Our presentation is structured as a journey with the audience, starting with our initial curiosity about metal AM, the decision to invest, expectations vs. realities, and what it took for us to become successful. We also focus on the importance of “Hybrid Manufacturing” (AM + Traditional Machining) when making end use components.

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Wesley J. Hart

Marketing Director
Imperial Machine & Tool Co

Wesley Hart has spent his career in two industries: Music and Advanced Manu

Christian G. Joest

Vice President of Sales & Business Development
Imperial Machine & Tool Co

Christian is a 4th generation family member at