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Accelerating Industry Adoption of Additive Manufacturing: Perspectives from an Additive Manufacturing Demonstration Facility

Building Regional Leadership in AM I, II

Intermediate May 10, 2017 11:45 am - 11:55 am

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Timothy W. Simpson PhD, Professor, Penn State College of Engineering

Penn State’s Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D) is the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility for Additive Manufacturing for DARPA’s Open Manufacturing Program. CIMP-3D also serves as Penn State’s interface to America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute. In this capacity, CIMP-3D’s mission is to (1) advance enabling technologies required to successfully implement additive manufacturing (AM) technology for critical components and structures, (2) provide technical assistance to industry through selection, demonstration, and validation of AM technology as an “honest broker”, and (3) promote the potential of AM technology through training, education, and dissemination of information. This presentation will discuss how CIMP-3D is helping companies accelerate industry adoption of AM through its industry-friendly research practices, industry-focused hands-on training, and industry-oriented technology exchanges that provide forums for companies to learn about the latest advancements in AM.

Timothy W. Simpson PhD

Penn State College of Engineering

Dr. Simpson, professor of mechanical and industrial and engineering design an