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Advanced Economies Collaborative Initiatives in Advanced Manufacturing

Business & Economic Considerations I, II, Power Up

Novice May 11, 2017 10:15 am - 10:25 am

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Bart Pascoli, Project Coordinator, Italian Trade Agency

The discussion will address innovations in the marketplace for advanced manufacturing practices, along with current examples of cross border cooperation between Italian and US academic and research institutions. It will also address how governments are investing in Industry 4.0 and provide examples such as the Manufacturing USA initiative in the United States and the National Industry Plan 4.0 announced in Italy this past July (2016). The presentation will focus on a number of elements, in particular how both countries are internally developing their respective manufacturing base to take advantage of new technologies and federal incentives to gain / maintain their competitive edge.

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Bart Pascoli

Project Coordinator
Italian Trade Agency

Bart Pascoli currently works as a Project Coordinator for the Italian Trade Agen