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Agile Quality Control Process for FDM Parts

Quality & Inspection

Intermediate May 10, 2017 2:15 pm - 2:40 pm

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Tim Yewchuk, Founder and CEO, 3D Print Western

FDM printers use a complex interplay of CAD-CAM-CNC to 3D print a part. Although the FDM technology is capable of outstanding design freedom and complex form fabrication, it suffers from issues in quality control of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and mechanical properties. This results in inability to verify and validate the required mechanical and geometric behavior of the final printed parts, thereby, resulting in a gap in confidence, process capability and quality assurance of the final product. This may result in product quality issues and higher risk in terms of equipment failure, loss of clients and revenue, and warranty issues. This presentation discusses an integrated design-simulation quality assurance process to assure the mechanical and geometric properties for the FDM prints conforming to standards specified in ISO 17296-(1-4) and ISO 1101. This process assure the quality of a print before printing, thereby eliminating the need for costly prints and destructive testing. This project has resulted into integrated Meta models for modeling of quality and behavior of the sliced CAD file, simulating and predicting mechanical strengths and geometry of the part while considering a comprehensive list of process parameters for FDM processes.

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Tim Yewchuk

Founder and CEO
3D Print Western

Tim Yewchuk is founder and CEO of 3D Print Western, a division of Thermo King Western. W