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A Computer-Aided Design System for Additive Manufacturing

Design Considerations

Intermediate May 9, 2017 2:15 pm - 2:40 pm

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David W. Rosen PhD, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Suraj Musuvathy PhD, Staff Scientist, Siemens Corporate Technology

The idea of design for additive manufacturing is to explore new design spaces to take advantage of the unique capabilities of AM, while not violating any manufacturing constraints. In order to provide guidance to designers to achieve their objectives most effectively, computer-aided design tools are needed that are “AM aware;” that is, that have models of AM process capabilities and limitations. Furthermore, they should provide guidance on exploration of design concepts, particularly how to take advantage of the complex shape capabilities of AM. In this talk, we present a prototype CAD system that provides manufacturability feedback of designs, offers AM-specific design features, and supports lattice structure design and topology optimization. Design examples are used to illustrate CAD system capabilities. This project is funded in part by America Makes and involves 16 company and academic partners in the aerospace, energy, and automotive industries.

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David W. Rosen PhD

Georgia Institute of Technology

David Rosen is a Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Georg

Suraj Musuvathy PhD

Senior Scientist
Siemens Corporate Technology

Dr. Musuvathy is a Senior Scientist at Siemens Corporate Technology, where