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A Copyright Protection Technology for 3D Printing Models

Digital Thread & Standards Power Up

Novice May 9, 2017 11:30 am - 11:40 am

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John Choi PhD, CEO, MarkAny

One of the emerging issues in 3D Printing is how to protect copyright of 3D modeling, STL, including distributing and managing 3D contents.

In this presentation, an integrated approach to copyright protection of 3D models will be suggested, consisting of encryption module, features extraction and estimation module, and skeleton recovery module. Because of the characteristics of 3D models, features of objects included in the design can be very different from traditional image objects, and therefore require understanding of object’s topological structure and mathematical rebuilding. Also, Identification of objects included in finished products can be done through radiation of terahertz laser beam.

3D printing technology itself is emerging from traditional CAD industry for design, and automatic control for manufacturing. Therefore, there will be many ways to utilize traditional copyright protection technologies. However, because license of the copyright in 3D models should be imposed at object level, instead of file level, there will be many more challenging research topics to address in the future.

John Choi PhD


John Choi is one of three researchers who founded MarkAny as a start-up and government’s funded academic la