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Design to Certification – Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications

Part / Product Certification

Expert May 11, 2017 10:45 am - 11:10 am

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Shaun Kroeger, Director-Partner Sales, Americas, solidThinking Inc

Additive Manufacturing (AM) provides significant design freedom which can lead to reduced weight and higher performing parts. The challenge is that the optimized part designs can be difficult to analyze, inspect, and certify. This presentation reviews two aerospace case studies that outline a process that can be used to design, analyze, inspect, and certify additive manufactured parts. Designs are created with topology optimization, designs are analyzed with linear static and vibrational finite element analysis, test coupons are built and tested to obtain material properties, parts are tested, and inspection is carried out with digital image correlation (DIC) and computed tomography (CT). The overall certification process requires many technologies and providers and coordination is important and necessary.

Shaun Kroeger

Director-Partner Sales, Americas
solidThinking Inc

Shaun Kroeger is the Director - Partner Sales, Americas at solidThinki