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Developing Teaching Aids for Blind Computer Science and Information Systems Students

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Novice May 10, 2017 10:15 am - 10:25 am

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Arif Sirinterlikci PhD, University Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering/Head, Robert Morris University

This presentation is a continuation of the original work published at the 2013 CELDA Conference. The objective is the development of 3D Printed Instructional Aids for blind college students who are studying Computer Science or Information Systems. The original concept involved student feedback during the design and development process. The components were intended to allow blind students to use tactile sensing for visualizing (understanding) data structures they were studying along with instruction from the professor. The design over time has evolved by eliminating the Braille labeling (since the students neither not know it nor intend to use it), making the structure modular similar to LEGOs, and adding electronics for recorded sound to enhance the impact of the tools. Physical samples of various versions will be showcased as well as the feedback obtained from students.

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Arif Sirinterlikci PhD

University Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering/Head
Robert Morris University

Arif Sirinterlikci is a Un