May 8-11, 2017 | David L. Lawrence Convention Center | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Exhibits May 9-11

Development of Low Cost Hand Prostheses by Additive Manufacturing

MMI: Clinical Applications I, II Medical Manufacturing Innovations (MMI) Program

Expert May 9, 2017 10:25 am - 10:45 am

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Jorge Lino Alves PhD, Associate Professor, University of Porto / INEGI / Faculty of Engineering
Daniel Sousa Ferreira, Researcher, University of Porto / Faculty of Engineering

The main goal of this project was to develop a low cost, functional and ergonomic hand prosthesis, trying to overcome some flaws in the actually prosthesis available on the market and on e-NABLE. The design and constructive solutions developed, successfully overcome the barriers imposed by the natural complexity of the human hand. A prosthesis was created with a structural and mechanical design very close to the natural anatomy of the hand, with a direct relation between body and prosthesis (proportions, shapes, and movements). This innovative prostheses is produced using a low cost 3D printer.

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Jorge Lino Alves PhD

Associate Professor
University of Porto / INEGI / Faculty of Engineering

F. Jorge Lino Alves, 54 years old, Associate Pro

Daniel Sousa Ferreira

University of Porto / Faculty of Engineering

Daniel de Sousa Ferreira, 24 years old. Degree in Fine Arts and m