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Dynamic Industrial CT: Its Benefits Within Manufacturing and Inspection

3D Imaging / Scanning I, II

Intermediate May 9, 2017 10:15 am - 10:40 am

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Alex Doukas, Lead Imaging Specialist, Kinetic Vision

Since its inception Computed Tomography (CT), has developed from predominantly a medical application to a variety of industrial and advanced scanning capabilities. This presentation will discuss the advanced Dynamic technology and include practical and advanced methods for solving your manufacturing challenges using Industrial CT. One advanced feature of industrial CT, Dynamic-CT, allows you to non-destructively inspect parts over time, understanding the exact geometry of your product, optimizing your quality inspection process, and better corroborating your design and simulation efforts with real-time validation. Some of the many benefits to leveraging Dynamic CT scanning include costs savings, production optimization, time management, and non-destructive trial and error. This presentation will also cover:

  • Investigation of internal geometry manipulation and inspection over time
  • Failure analysis, assembly evaluation and 3D Sample Qualification
  • Feedback on how this can be utilized in the industry and product life cycle and how it can positively affect your product development


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Alex Doukas

Lead Imaging Specialist
Kinetic Vision

Alexander (Alex) Doukas is the Lead Imaging Specialist at Kinetic Vision, located