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Effect of Powder Morphology on Mechanical Properties of Cobalt-Chrome Alloy for the Dental Industry by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

MMI:  Metals Medical Manufacturing Innovations (MMI) Program

Intermediate May 11, 2017 11:45 am - 12:10 pm

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Ivy Li, R&D Engineer, Material Technology Innovations Co Ltd

Laser powder bed fusion parts using cobalt-chrome metal alloys are of great interest for the dental industry. Since metal powder alloys are extremely sensitive to their powder morphology during laser melting process, different powder morphology levels inside the process is a key parameter to avoid any negative impact on the final mechanical properties like tensile strength, ductility, elasticity modulus, hardness, metal-ceramic bonding strength. This paper will present the influence of the powder morphology such as powder particle shape (sphericity), particle surface roughness, particle surface oxide layer thickness in laser melting process on the final mechanical properties of the cobalt-chrome alloy part.

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Ivy Li CMfgE

R&D Engineer
Material Technology Innovations Co Ltd

My name is Ivy Li and I graduated from SCUT masters’. From the year