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Electromagnetic Nozzle Technologies for Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing

New Processes Power Up

Intermediate May 10, 2017 4:00 pm - 4:10 pm

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Charles B. Sweeney, Additive Manufacturing Engineer, Essentium Materials

Electromagnetic extrusion technology provides a solution for producing components that rival the performance of injection-molded parts to engineers, designers, and manufacturers. This method implements a carbon nanotube enriched surface kernmantel filament that is welded with an applied radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field via the printer nozzle. The localized RF welding selectively heats the part interface inducing polymer diffusion across the layer interface resulting in vastly improved interlayer fracture toughness and strength. Results show z-fracture strength improvements of 275% compared to control samples. A nozzle has been developed capable of operating at high voltage potentials which enables precise control over the electrorheological flow of filled polymer systems, as well as the ability to induce surface chemistry functionalities resultant from ionized gas species about the nozzle. These technologies open up additive manufacturing to new markets and applications not previously possible. Clinical trial results are shared to support findings.

Charles B. Sweeney

Additive Manufacturing Engineer
Essentium Materials

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