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Fracture Mechanics of Additively Manufactured Plastic Parts

Material Properties I, II, III

Intermediate May 9, 2017 3:15 pm - 3:40 pm

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Devendra Bajaj PhD, Senior Scientist, SABIC
Peter Johnson PhD, Lead Scientist, SABIC

Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers several advantages over traditional subtractive manufacturing processes, including ease of manufacturing of complex parts, less raw material, less waste and multiple component print capability that eliminates part assembly. The mechanical property characterization of additively manufactured plastic parts have mostly focused on modulus, strength and notched Izod impact. There are currently no standardized test methods for determining the fracture mechanics properties of additively manufactured plastic parts. As new materials are developed for additive manufacturing, it is important to incorporate fracture mechanics testing to evaluate long-term material and part performance. This presentation will address the need for standardized testing of fracture mechanics properties and provide fundamental understanding of the fracture mechanics of plastic parts printed using fused filament fabrication techniques.

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Devendra Bajaj PhD

Senior Scientist

I have 7+ years of R&D experience in developing novel material characterization solutions for a wi

Peter Johnson PhD

Lead Scientist

Dr. Johnson has been with SABIC since 2011. He is currently in the Formulation and Compounding Solut