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Geometrically Controlled Sound Dampening Using 3D Binder Jetting

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Intermediate May 10, 2017 12:00 pm - 12:10 pm

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Brandon Cary, Industrial Sales and Marketing Specialist, The ExOne Company
Tom Pasterik, Manager of Business and Process Development, The ExOne Company

The complexity of certain parts is restricted by traditional manufacturing processes. For sound absorption equipment, it is difficult to fit all required features in a compact footprint. By using binder jetting 3D printing, small parts can be produced with fine features to create the desired sound absorption effects. Variable wall thickness, pitch and controlled porosity are easily achieved. Fine resolution binder jetting technology can increase the potential sound absorption of these parts. This presentation will examine the application of binder jetting 3D printing to sound absorption parts.

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Brandon Cary

Industrial Sales and Marketing Specialist
The ExOne Company

After receiving his bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, B

Tom Pasterik

Manager of Business and Process Development
The ExOne Company

Tom currently serves as ExOne's Manager of Business and Pro