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Innovative Uses of Geometric Search to Advance Additive Manufacturing

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Intermediate May 11, 2017 11:00 am - 11:10 am

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Anusha Iyer, Computer Vision Engineer, Authentise Inc
Andre Wegner, CEO, Authentise Inc

Assessing CAD data effectively and accurately is the first step to efficient and successful build processes. Many such processes, such as quoting, increasingly rely on cloud applications and require distribution of sensitive IP. For some industries that is unacceptable. Sending CAD data off-site can be the biggest roadblock to developing sophisticated process automation. As a solution we apply existing geometric search algorithms to identify similar, white-listed designs that can be used in place of sensitive IP. By using a similar design that has been pre-screened for export we eliminate security issues. We’ve found that seamless, secure benchmarking and quoting operations are possible while maintaining strict security policies. In this presentation we’ll discuss several potential use cases for geometric search including identifying previously fulfilled orders to compare overall cost to produce or the ability to identify potential suppliers. We’ll also discuss drawbacks of using geometric search and limitations of our techniques. Tools such as geometric search have a variety of uses if used intelligently and can help businesses maintain control of sensitive IP.

Anusha Iyer

Computer Vision Engineer
Authentise Inc

Anusha Iyer has a master's degree in computer science. She has a background in co

Andre Wegner

Authentise Inc

Andre Wegner is founder and CEO of Authentise, a leader in process automation software for additive ma