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Integration of PAAW and Digital Workholding for Post-processing Additive Manufactured Parts

Post Processing I, II

Expert May 9, 2017 11:45 am - 12:10 pm

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Chip Potter, President, Advanced Simulation Technology Inc
Edward C. De Meter PhD, Professor, The Pennsylvania State University

Metallic pre-forms fabricated using DMLS must be post machined. Due to the fact they are typically made in relatively small batches with long build times, individual pre-forms have great value. It is imperative to minimize scrap and insure that the maximum percentage are transformed into finished parts. To accomplish this, it is critical that pre-form geometry is characterized before machining. If necessary machining tool paths should be altered to generate surfaces that satisfy tight geometric tolerances and stay within stock limits. Lastly the pre-forms need to be machined accurately without chatter and without clamping distortion.

This presentation will show how Photo-Activated Adhesive Workholding (PAAW) and Digital Workholding can be used together to meet these objectives. PAAW is a new work holding technology that allows geometrically complex parts to be held with five sided access and negligible distortion. This technology was invented at Penn State, and is currently sold by Blue Photon Technology and Workholding Systems. Advanced Simulation Technology, Inc. currently integrates this technology with structured light scanning in a new process called Digital Workholding. These technologies are currently combined to enable the high precision, adaptive machining of aerospace parts. Equal benefits may be derived through their use in the post-machining of AM parts.

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Chip Potter

Advanced Simulation Technology Inc

Chip Potter is founder, owner, and President of Advanced Simulation Technolo

Edward C. De Meter PhD

The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Edward C. De Meter is a Professor of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineeri