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Investigation of Minor Elements on Built Properties of C300 Maraging Steel Powder

Material Properties I, II, III

Expert May 10, 2017 10:45 am - 11:10 am

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Satyajeet Sharma PhD, Manager, Materials R&D, Additive Manufacturing, Oerlikon
Kumar Kandasamy PhD, Additive Manufacturing R&D Manager, Oerlikon

The Selective Laser Melting process uses alloy powder as feedstock, where powder quality plays a major role on the finished part properties. Powder composition for AM is seen to follow the cast and wrought composition which may not always be suitable for laser based processes. Therefore it is important to investigate the effect of minor elements on the properties of AM builds to optimize the powder requirements. In this presentation, C300 maraging steel powder was investigated and results are discussed. Powder batches with different composition were atomized, characterized and printed. Variation in impact strength and hardness properties indicated the effect of composition in as build condition. Phase analysis and microstructure were investigated to evaluate anisotropy. Heat treatment study was undertaken to obtain required properties for C300 steel and compared to wrought counterpart.

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Satyajeet Sharma PhD

Manager, Materials R&D, Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Satyajeet Sharma is material scientist by training. He starte

Kumar Kandasamy PhD

Additive Manufacturing R&D Manager

Dr. Kumar Kandasamy is a metallurgist and a welding engineer, who currently p