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KEYNOTE: New Materials for 3D Printing in Medicine: What’s Next is Closer than You Think

Keynotes Medical Manufacturing Innovations (MMI) Program

May 10, 2017 8:00 am - 9:45 am

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Personalized care enabled by additive manufacturing is already making an impact in medicine. With recent advances in functional biomaterials development for 3D printing, what’s next may be closer than you think. Dr. Ramille Shah and her team have developed an extensive range of tunable 3D printable biomedical material platforms, including cell-containing (bioprinting) and non-cell-containing inks that provide a wider variety of options for complex soft and hard tissue engineering applications. View the below video to see the full keynote presentation.



Sue Jordan MD PhD

Chief Resident, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Sumanas W. Jordan, MD, PhD, is a chief

Ramille Shah PhD

Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Assistant Professor, Surgery (Transplant Division), Simpson Querrey I