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Longer Range Point Cloud Scanning and 3D Printers Used in the Production and Sale of Large Mining Haul Truck Components

3D Imaging / Scanning I, II

Intermediate May 9, 2017 2:15 pm - 2:40 pm

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LeRoy G. Hagenbuch PE, Director & Chief Engineer, Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc
Quinton Burcar, Design Engineer, Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc

As “The Custom Shop of Off-Highway Trucks,” one might think there wouldn’t be a need for Scanning & 3D printing of trucks bodies that at times weigh 100,000 pounds or more. To obtain vehicle information for designing our products we started with magnetic yardsticks and photos, really crude. We purchased our first Laser scanning equipment in early 2007. With scanning equipment, we can create massive product designs that fit on the mating truck chassis with minimal efforts. Has it been easy, NO but it works. Using 3D printing in the production of such large weldments?

  • Our products are VERY large and they are custom so there is NO way to take a “sample” to a prospective customer. However, in our industry everyone is comfortable with scale (1:50 typically) models. So in our sales process we now print 3D models of our products.
  • When manufacturing such large custom fabrications / products (each design is often slightly different) and it can be difficult for those producing the product to see how all the pieces fit together. So today to expedite the production process we 3D print scale models of all of the individual subassemblies and then of the final assembly.


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LeRoy G. Hagenbuch PE

Director & Chief Engineer
Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc

LeRoy Hagenbuch is the co-founder of Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc., a company