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Magnetic Particle Alignment for 3D Printed Composites

Materials I, II, III

Expert May 10, 2017 2:15 pm - 2:40 pm

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Madhuparna Roy, Graduate Student, Florida State University

As the popularity of 3D printing to create objects for practical use increases, it is becoming increasingly important that the printed objects are made stronger. Currently, filament-based 3D printed objects have weakness in the Z/vertical direction due to minimal adhesion between subsequent layers of deposited material. Printed composites have improved strength in the X-Y plane due to the alignment of fibers. In this presentation, the impacts of nanowire fiber alignment in the Z direction during extrusion printing is investigated. Magnetic nanowires of different lengths are compared to obtain optimal fiber length for interlocking strong bonds between printed layers. An experimental test-bed is implemented to visualize particle orientation and agglomeration as the particles pass through a magnetic field. Particle Image Velocimetry also shows the behavior of the particles in resins of different viscosities.

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Madhuparna Roy

Graduate Student
Florida State University

Madhuparna Roy is a graduate student at the Florida State University working to