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Metal Part Fabrication Using Additive Manufacturing Technologies


May 8, 2017 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

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This workshop provides a detailed overview of the additive process used for creating metal parts. Methods for metal part fabrication range from casting metal parts from rapid prototyped patterns to directed metal fabrication using lasers, electron beams, or ultrasonic energy. Metal additive manufacturing technology has been growing in the recent years and has been used for final part production for medical and aerospace applications. New advances on machine technologies have made the metal additive manufacturing processes faster, more efficient, and with larger manufacturing capabilities. The future for metal additive manufacturing is very bright and rapidly improving.

Learning objectives:

  • Introduce the general methods for forming metal parts using additive manufacturing
  • Present the newest additive manufacturing metals technology
  • Give multiple examples of each type of method
  • Compare and contrast the methods given

Francisco Medina PhD

Technology Leader

Dr. Frank Medina, Principal Engineer, Additive Manufacturing Prior to joining EWI, Frank was a seni