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Metal AM Process & Facility Safety. Are You Prepared?

Business & Economic Considerations I, II, Power Up

Novice May 10, 2017 11:45 am - 12:10 pm

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Paul Bates, Manager, Additive Manufacturing Competency Center (AMCC), UL
Norman Lowe, Global Program Manager, Equipment Compliance & AM Facility Safety Services, UL

The introduction of metal Additive Manufacturing technologies has the potential to transform modern industrial production, but it also brings new considerations for manufacturers and their employees. These considerations include potential safety risks associated with metal AM production processes, facilities, equipment and materials. The introduction of metal AM capabilities can be particularly complex in existing production facilities with established safety management practices. This presentation will discuss the principle sources of risk associated within a metal AM ecosystem and then share an approach for mitigating specific risks as well as the establishment of a safety management system or modification of an existing system. Recommendations on the development of safety assessments for metal AM operations will also be discussed.

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Paul Bates

Manager, UL Additive Manufacturing Competency Center (AMCC)

Paul Bates, Manager of the UL AMCC, is an industry-recog

Norman Lowe

Global Program Manager, Equipment Compliance & AM Facility Safety Services

Norman Lowe is the Global Program Man