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Metallographic Characterization Techniques for Additive Manufacturing Powders and Parts

Material Properties I, II, III

Novice May 9, 2017 2:15 pm - 2:40 pm

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Thomas F. Murphy, Scientist, Research and Development, Hoeganaes Specialty Metal Powders LLC
Christopher T. Schade PhD, Director of Advanced Powders, Hoeganaes Specialty Metal Powders LLC

An integral part of producing parts by Additive Manufacturing (AM) is providing test data that demonstrate the quality, uniformity, and consistency of the products. Typically, chemical, mechanical, physical, and metallographic tests are performed to ensure parts meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of each application. Each test discipline provides unique information on the properties and expected behavior of the AM produced parts. The contributions of metallographic testing on quantifying some of the attributes of the powder and parts manufactured by AM are discussed. Physical attributes of the powder, such as shape, porosity, surface roughness and size distribution will be studied utilizing metallographic techniques. The microstructural constituents of internal porosity, nonmetallic inclusion content, and surface texture on as built parts are evaluated and discussed. Light optical microscopy using automated image analysis (IA) and stereomicroscopy techniques are employed in this analysis.

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Thomas F. Murphy

Scientist, Research and Development
Hoeganaes Specialty Metal Powders LLC

Tom was educated at Rutgers University and has

Christopher T. Schade PhD

Director of Advanced Powders
Hoeganaes Specialty Metal Powders LLC

Have worked for 20 years at Hoeganaes in the area of a