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New Advances in Computed Tomography Helping Accelerate Development & Quality of Additive Manufacturing Products & Processes

3D Imaging / Scanning I, II

Intermediate May 9, 2017 10:45 am - 11:10 am

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Brett A. Muehlhauser, R&D Technical Fellow, North Star Imaging

With the accelerated pace of development in Additive Manufacturing (AM) and its applications comes new challenges in accessing the specific AM process, as well as the AM product’s integrity and the parts metrology. New advancements in Computed Tomography (CT) help overcome some of the common challenges associated with CT scanning of AM parts. For most AM parts, CT is the only method of providing information about a products internal integrity while also providing metrology data for both its internal and external features. Some AM product geometries and materials will always create challenges in CT scanning, however understanding the primary limitations of CT scanning using existing technology has pushed the development of new CT equipment and techniques for providing higher quality data in these difficult applications.


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Brett A. Muehlhauser

R&D Technical Fellow
North Star Imaging

Brett is a Research and Development Technical Fellow at NSI working to continue t