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The Next Level of Additive Manufacturing Inspection and Control

Process Monitoring, Control and Qualification

Intermediate May 10, 2017 10:15 am - 10:40 am

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Dieter Ghysbrecht, Global Sales Manager – Materialise Control Platform, Materialise

The 3D printing industry is reaching maturity and is taking its place as a real alternative for traditional manufacturing. That means producing serial parts at the same level of quality as the big players of the manufacturing industry. For companies that are eager to manufacture industrial applications, there is a growing need for greater control of the quality and repeatability of their printed parts.

Whereas monitoring the production process is essential to any manufacturing business, it is even more essential to the AM business where you create the material properties during the process. This presentation will highlight how 3D printing companies can navigate this industry transition. A technical use case study about the footwear industry will be used to explain how Phits insoles takes full control of 3D printing and successfully reduces scanning time from 14 hours to a stunning 10 hours!

Dieter Ghysbrecht

Global Sales Manager - Materialise Control Platform

Dieter Ghysbrecht obtained a Master’s degree in Mechani