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Proactive Monitoring of Additive Builds Using Artificial Intelligence Based Optical Recognition

Process Monitoring, Control and Qualification

Expert May 10, 2017 10:45 am - 11:10 am

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Gerry Libertelli, CEO, Solid Innovations LLC
Joseph M. Sinclair, Chief Technical Officer, Solid Innovations LLC

This presentation will discuss the challenges and complexities of object recognition on Additive devices and the complexities that surround it. Things like extruder head choreography, the various methodologies surrounding Object Recognition (OpenCV, SIFT, SURF, GHT), and management of printers via a cloud based system will be discussed. In addition, it will cover the elements that need to be included in a system that can scale across geographies and devices, while keeping a focus on consistent slicing and analysis techniques. A focus on the growth of the server monitoring industry will be explained to contrast what needs to happen in the Additive Industry.

Joseph M. Sinclair

Chief Technical Officer
Solid Innovations, LLC

Joseph Sinclair is the founder of Solid Dynamics, LLC, a successful rapid