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Realizing Value with Additive Manufacturing


May 8, 2017 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

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INSTRUCTORS: Mark Cotteleer, Jim Joyce, Kelly Marchese, Brenna Sniderman, & Mark Vitale, Deloitte LLP

Leaders who hope to realize broad business value from the deployment of additive manufacturing (AM) need to think well beyond “the machine.” As AM applications continue to expand into diverse industries – far beyond the technology’s rapid prototyping roots — organizations are rightfully concerned with making the correct choices about when and how to invest in AM capabilities. This workshop will offer an overview of how to systematically think through the myriad issues that impact AM deployment success.

Beyond simply evaluating a financial model for “a machine,” we will look at the diversity of AM technologies available, along with frameworks for understanding the business impact that AM can have, and the broad considerations managers must keep in mind for building AM capabilities and integrating into their overall “digital thread.” Specific learning objectives for the session include:

Learning objectives:

  • Offering a brief level-setting discussion that defines the additive manufacturing space from a technology perspective
  • Examining a strategic framework that disentangles the potential impacts of additive manufacturing on your organization’s products and/or supply chains
  • Evaluating perspectives on AM value, including unit and lifecycle costs
  • Investigating the technical enablers of an industrial grade AM solution, including “the Digital Thread” and cybersecurity
  • Understanding the organizational capabilities that must accompany AM investment in order to realize value for the business, including business process enhancement (e.g., across organizations), IP management, and workforce development
  • Understanding where a fully-realized AM capability fits in to the larger suite of organizational capabilities

Mark Cotteleer

Managing Director

Dr. Mark Cotteleer is the deputy director of U.S. research at Deloitte. He works collaborative

Kelly K. Marchese

Deloitte Consulting

Kelly leads Deloitte Consulting’s Federal Supply Chain & Manufacturing Operations Practic