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Simulation of Coronary Atrial Intervention Challenges, Learnings, and Final Methods

MMI: Clinical Applications I, II Medical Manufacturing Innovations (MMI) Program

Intermediate May 9, 2017 11:05 am - 11:15 am

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Joseph P. Higgins, Director of Technology and Product Development, Cardiovascular Systems Inc

The intervention on complex coronary arterial disease involves a multiple faceted treatment path with countless equipment and technique options with limited data and time. Through the capture of specific real world cases where advanced treatment techniques were needed, we have been able to simulate physical models of educational cases for a more widespread understanding by and training to cardiac interventionalists. This required a progression of data capture, model design, and ever changing 3D printing advancements. In this study, we show the development, progression, and deployment of 3D printed models to advance the techniques of physicians prior to treating an actual patient in addition to challenge testing the reliability of medical device parameters within a clinically relevant test model.

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Joseph P. Higgins

Director of Technology and Product Development
Cardiovascular Systems Inc

15 years medical device experience in both dire