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Surface Metrology of Additive Manufacturing Components: Understanding the Complex Texture of Powder Bed-Based Surfaces

Quality & Inspection

Intermediate May 10, 2017 2:45 pm - 3:10 pm

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Agustin Diaz PhD, Senior Research Chemist, REM Surface Engineering

This presentation will discuss the surface anatomy of components produced by Additive Manufactured (AM) powder bed techniques. It will detail the different types of textures that characterize AM-built components and explore where and how they are originated in the building process. The surface texture on AM-built components is defined, and in a certain way predetermined, by the parameters used during the building process. Building parameters such as the layer thickness, source power, scan speed, powder quality, hatch distance, contour boundaries, among others, will have a significant impact on the final surface texture of the component. We will discuss different profilometry techniques based on optical and contact techniques, as well as a combination of both, that can be used to characterize these surfaces and categorize the quality of the component’s surface. Based on these techniques, surface texture characterization parameters can be defined using the proper filters, generating realistic values. In addition, surface texture components such as form, waviness and roughness will be defined correctly in a case by case scenario.

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Agustin Diaz PhD

Senior Research Chemist
REM Surface Engineering

Dr. Agustin Diaz earned a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from the Universit