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Certified Additive Manufacturing – Fundamentals

This one-day program includes a review course covering the foundations of additive manufacturing, followed by the Certified Additive Manufacturing – Fundamentals (CAM-F) exam.

The four-hour review course is a discussion-oriented and interactive session with learning activities in which participants receive comprehensive introductory knowledge of the 3D printing technology and industry. Covering terms and definitions, software and hardware as well as discussing applications and case studies for each technology, you will begin to understand the benefits of 3D printing in a way that is relevant to your business needs.  The course outline is aligned with the Additive Manufacturing Body of Knowledge (AMBOK) outlining the current state-of knowledge in additive manufacturing, as well as areas that have been identified as important by a wide range of additive manufacturing professionals.


  • Identify the various 3D printing technologies & their benefits/limitations
  • Define the basic 3D printing process
  • Understand the benefits of 3D printing over traditional manufacturing processes
  • Understand the hardware & software for 3D digital file management
  • Identify common materials for each 3D printing technology
  • Identify basic safety & quality considerations specific to 3D printing

Following the review course, participants will take the Certified Additive Manufacturing – Fundamentals (CAM-F) exam. The three-hour exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and allows for open book and open notes. With a passing score of 70% or higher, individuals will be officially certified and may use the CAM-F designation.

Monday, May 16
8 am – 12 pm: Review Program
1 pm – 4 pm: Exam
Price: $525 (includes Exhibit Floor Pass)
Early Bird! Register by April 15 and save 25%