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Shai Terem

Shai Terem

President and CEO


Shai Terem is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Markforged. Shai was President, Americas at Kornit Digital, and Vice President Finance and Operation Americas at Stratasys. Shai Terem joined Markforged in 2019. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Tel Aviv University in 2005 and a Master of Business Administration in Finance, Accounting and Entrepreneurship from University of Chicago - Booth School of Business in 2010.


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Transforming manufacturing with revolutionary, affordable metal & carbon fiber 3d printers.

At Markforged, we are on a mission to unlock the next 10x innovation in design and manufacturing. We build an Industrial 3D Printing Platform to liberate designers and engineers from decades-old, slow part creation processes. NASA, Google, Ford, Amazon, Siemens and thousands of companies in 50 countries use Markforged to print same-day prototypes and produce stronger end-use parts than they did before. With Markforged, customers are able to ship 50X faster, spend 20X less, and build products that are 23X stronger. The Markforged platform includes a full ecosystem of 3D printers for metal, composite, and plastic parts; purpose-built metal & carbon-reinforced materials for strength and beautiful finishes; and cloud software for turning drawings into high-strength printing.

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Markforged (NYSE:MKFG) is enabling more resilient and flexible supply chains by bringing industrial 3D printing right to the factory floor. Our additive manufacturing platform The Digital Forge allows manufacturers to create strong, accurate parts in both metal and advanced composites. With over 10,000 customers in 70+ countries, we’re bringing on-demand industrial production to the point of need. We are headquartered in Waltham, Mass, where we design the hardware, software and advanced materials that makes The Digital Forge reliable and easy to use.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

8:30 AM | SME Main Stage
Keynote Series Executive Perspective
Shai Terem, President and CEO, Markforged

Gain unparalleled access to the minds shaping the global additive manufacturing landscape. Join us each morning as we kick off RAPID + TCT with our inaugural Executive Perspectives Panel discussions. Meet industry luminaries each day as they tackle your biggest AM questions. Hear about innovative trends, industry evolution along with the greatest opportunities and challenges for the future of AM. Don’t miss these must-attend inspiring talks.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

3:00 PM | Conference Room 406 A
PUNCH Torino Enhances Efficiency in Camshaft Locking Tool Design and Manufacturing with Markforged’s Simulation Software
Primary Presenter: Doug Kenik, Director, Product Management, Markforged

Markforged, the company strengthening manufacturing resiliency by enabling industrial production at the point of need, and PUNCH Torino, a leading European R&D facility for internal combustion engines, present new approach that challenges traditional norms in camshaft locking tool design and manufacturing, powered by Markforged's Simulation software.

Camshaft locking tools are mission-critical in the meticulous assembly of engines, ensuring impeccable timing synchronization and guarding against potential damage. PUNCH Torino boldly took on this challenge by crafting camshaft locking tools from Onyx with continuous carbon fiber reinforcement, leveraging Markforged's technology.

Before Simulation, engineers faced prolonged and uncertain design iterations, resulting in delays and multiple prototypes. However, Simulation transformed their approach. The average number of design iterations dropped from eight to just three, often requiring only one.

Engineers also encountered frequent tool breakages that disrupted engine assembly, with each tool taking 18 hours to print, leading to cumbersome trial-and-error iterations featuring several designs. Traditional design guidelines offered vague insights rather than a clear path forward.

Simulation empowered PUNCH Torino to set precise project requirements within the software, defining stiffness targets, allowable deflections, and safety factors. It enabled pinpointing critical areas in the locking tool design, vastly reducing the need for extensive trial-and-error iterations. The average number of required prototypes for each tool plummeted from eight to one, and project development timelines decreased from 3-4 weeks to just one week. Material costs per locking tool were reduced from €1,400 to €200.

PUNCH Torino's collaboration with Markforged demonstrates how software can redefine tool design, bringing financial benefits, efficient resource utilization, and practical applications. In a world with economic challenges, automakers prioritize ROI and cost savings while aiming for innovation. Markforged's Simulation plays a pivotal role, enabling these goals without the need for extensive resource expansion.