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Melissa Benson

Melissa Benson is an engineering project manager at Castheon Inc. where she focuses on additive manufacturing (AM) research and development projects.

Jonah Myerberg

Jonah Myerberg is a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Desktop Metal where he is responsible for leading the technical direction of Desktop Metal’s 3D printing solutions.

David Waller

Dave Waller is a mechanical engineer with 22 years’ experience in the aerospace field.

Adam Feinberg, PhD

Adam Feinberg, PhD, is co-founder and CTO of FluidForm Inc, a start-up company commercializing FRESH 3D bioprinting technology, and a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the departments of

Callie Zawaski, PhD

Callie Zawaski is a Virginia Tech DREAMS Lab PhD graduate who studied fused filament fabrication (FFF).

Djordje Jaksic

Mr. Djordje Jaksic is an undergraduate student studying cellular and molecular biology and ecology at the University of Michigan.

Patrick Gannon

With more than 25 years of power quality experience, Patrick Gannon led the commercial power quality initiative within GE's Critical Power Group, now ABB Inc.