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3D Manufacturing for Next Generation 3D Electronics

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With the next generation of 3D packaging for semiconductor chips there will be challenges in obtaining performance without a new generation of tools and processes. The time for 3D printed electronics could be rapidly approaching but 3D printing alone is just part of the solution, more is needed to impact 3D electronics. Chips on the nanometer scale will not be printed in the near future, but they can easily be placed and integrated in a 3D printing process. We will explore the advantages of 3D Manufacturing and the required tools to make complete working circuits. Additionally, we will show demonstrations and the advantages of using 3D manufacturing or multiple tools and processes in a single system. The idea of printing structures, conductors and adding actives opens new opportunities to more electronic functions in smaller form factors. It also allows more personalized electronics to be viable. We will focus on optimizing next generation smart tools and smart labs to ensure thousands of layers are perfect every time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon completion the participant will clearly understand the advantages of 3D
  • Upon completion the participant will understand the advantages of using the Smart Manufacturing approach in 3D Manufacturing.
  • Upon completion of this course the participant will see demonstrations of 3D manufactured devices.