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A Big Deal: How Polypropylene (PP) Will Change Industrial Powder-Bed 3D-Printing & Enable New Applications

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It is one of the most used plastics in everyday objects and has a lot of technical advantages compared to other materials. These include resistance to chemical liquids, the fact that it is very resilient and ductile, excellent in electrical insulation and many more. In addition, PP provides a better commercial value compared to conventionally used nylons. Now, latest 3D-printing technology developments provided the foundation to print polypropylene (PP). This essential step, in combination with a high productive and reliable post-processing technology enables 3D-printed PP to hit the market on a competitive level. That means it is absolutely time to pay attention to this new kid on the block. Vapor polishing improves PP’s properties and its value for most of the applications like better mechanical properties, sealed cleanable surfaces and air tightness. Look into the future with us and find out which sectors and industries can particularly benefit from 3D-printed polypropylene and which new applications will come into focus.
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    Director Global Business Development & New Markets