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A Secure and Distributed Production Model for the Scale and Quality of Additive Manufacturing

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Additive manufacturing continues to transform the way engineering components are designed, manufactured and sustained. The scale up of additive manufacturing relies on a growing industrial supply base. However, the growth is limited by the lack of repeatability, reliability and cybersecurity within the supply base. To address these shortcomings, Boeing Additive Manufacturing, along with its partners, has developed a distributed production model based on a digitally enabled secure print network. The production model is able to transmit a qualified AM data package to a designated, qualified additive machine directly, execute the printing process and receive data back to enable process monitoring and control. With a cybersecurity backbone, the process is fully protected under a prescribed control policy.

In this presentation, the production model and its significance in assuring quality and agility of additive manufacturing across the supply chain will be discussed, along with the current state and needs for industry collaboration. The secure distributed production model is envisioned to be a key enabler of a resilient and agile AM supply chain for increased adoption and rapid deployment of additive manufacturing for Boeing and the broad AM industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon completion, participant will be able to implement a distributed, secure production model to enable scale and quality of additive manufacturing across their supply base
  • Upon completion, participant will be able to identify new business opportunities in agile supply chain to enable rapid growth of additive manufacturing
  • Upon completion, participant will be able to rethink the relationship between additive manufacturing end users and suppliers and adapt strategy to suit different paradigms of future additive manufacturing production.