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Additive Manufacturing Solutions in Orthotics and Prosthetics

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"Lighter", "It feels a part of me", "It is flexible", "It is stable" and "I can wear this all day" is some of the feedback from patients that we have been getting from PA12 and TPU with additive manufacturing using Hewlett Packard MJF technology. Prosthetists have dreamed of the day that they could combine rigid areas and flexible areas into one socket and that day has now come. Upper extremity and lower extremity prostheses as well as orthoses now can truly be custom made for exactly what you want the device to do. Complexity and flexibility do not take any more time to fabricate. Need an articulation? Build a spring? Need it to be super light? All that can now be done with these new technologies and the creativity that and orthotist and a prosthetist is known for.

Learning Objectives:

  • Take next steps to incorporate additive manufacturing in your practice
  • Use your creativity to engage in the digital design of an orthosis or prosthesis
  • Take away a work flow that may work for you