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Applications in Tooling & Prototyping for Large Format Additive Manufacturing

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This presentation will discuss the current opportunities for large format additive manufacturing (LFAM) that exist in tooling & prototyping for industrial manufacturing markets. With increased market adoption, improved print quality and more material availability, LFAM has made applications for large, industrial parts such as trim/drill fixtures, handling fixtures, and prototype articles a viable option for 3D printing. Ascent’s 40ft LSAM printer, located in Santa Ana, CA, opens the door for aerospace, marine, transportation, and energy applications at a large scale. In this case study, the presenter will review several specific printed projects and describe the benefits and tradeoffs to traditional builds. It will include an overview of project definition and design, material selection, tolerancing, and fabrication approach to accommodate rapid, large scale additive. The presentation will conclude with a review of challenges faced in industry for further LFAM adoption and what types of technologies or processes will need to be developed to solve them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify cost-effective prototype applications for large-format additive manufacturing.
  • Understand the differences between small and large-scale additive, including design considerations and post-processing.
  • Describe the current opportunities in tooling and prototyping for rapid, large-scale builds.