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Building a Better Business Case for Additive Manufacturing and Multi-Jet Fusion

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Before you can begin your journey of integrating additive manufacturing into your business, you’ll first need to write a proposal for expenditure and convince the required executives that both you and this new technology are a worthy investment. In this presentation, we will give additive manufacturing engineers, project managers, and operations leaders a simple process to follow that will make building a resilient business case a simple task based on proven methodology. Every cutting-edge technology needs its first win that energizes the organization, and additive manufacturing is no different. Through a robust selection process, we will help you identify a set of core projects where additive manufacturing will outperform traditional manufacturing methods. Once you have this list generated, all that’s left to do is ask, "Who else needs a seat at the additive manufacturing table?" By combining these two strategies, you’ll have a clear direction for writing your project charter and will maximize your chances for success. This presentation will highlight Enerpac’s journey with additive manufacturing, specifically focusing on multi-jet fusion as it developed from basic prototyping to solving critical operations challenges over the course of the last two years.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify core projects that leverage the strengths of additive manufacturing to ensure a strong business case
  • Ensure all required business units are included in the development of an additive manufacturing production center
  • Confidently present a business case for additive manufacturing to executives and decision makers