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Building the Circular Economy From Armor to Landing Gear

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The MolyWorks Greyhound is a metal recycling foundry for producing additive manufacturing grade powders. This compact, deployable system fits within 20’ shipping containers and can rapidly produce metal alloy powders from a variety of scrap and virgin feedstocks. Alloy families which will be discussed include titanium (10-2-3, 6-4, 5-5-5-3), nickel (Inconel 718), steel (4130, 4140, RHA), stainless steel (17-4, 316), aluminum (6000 series), and copper (OFE). In addition exotic alloy powders, such as FeMnAl, AF-9628, AlAg, MoW, and TiNb. 

Additive manufacturing via laser powder bed fusion generates used powder, support structures and potentially failed builds. Our talk will address the material efficiency of additive manufacturing and analyze a circular metal economy with increased material utilization. The impact on economics, sustainability and carbon footprint along with the challenges of adopting new technologies in highly regulated industries will also be discussed. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine a methodology for adoption of AM in an industry or company.
  • Understand other people are experiencing similar challenges and the additive manufacturing industry can support them.
  • Understand that additive manufacturing adoption is happening more rapidly today than ever before