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Ceramics Additive Manufacturing for Investment Casting

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Today, the need for complex core design has increased dramatically with customer demands for more efficient and cost-effective engines. These new designs are difficult to be produced by traditional methods due to the presence of complex internal passageways. Moreover, the development time for new forms of core by traditional methods is very long. In this context, 3DCeram has developed specific materials and a manufacturing processing for ceramic foundry cores based on 3D printing technology. 

3DCeram partnered with an industrial customer and validated the 3DMix Silicore formulation and the manufacture of cores by 3D printing for turbine blades production by SX investment casting. They worked together to guarantee a level of blade quality equal to that obtained with traditional methods. In parallel, 3DCeram has developed the C3600 printer (600x600x300mm platform) which enables mass production of parts. Moreover, the joint venture U3DC was created in 2021 between 3DCeram and Avignon Ceramic (a French manufacturer of foundry cores by injection) with the aim of providing solutions in both the production of 3D printed ceramic cores and the complete printing solution to produce them. 

The innovative solution developed by 3DCeram to produce foundry cores brings a new dimension to the traditional industrial processes and opens up extensive perspectives in the field of investment casting. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the use of 3D technology in the core business.
  • Get up-to-date information regarding 3D and core manufacturing.
  • Understand the advantage of SLA technology.