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Comprehensive Experimental and Modeling Study of Laser Powder Bed Melt Pool Spatter

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Emission of melt pool spatter is a significant concern for laser powder bed fusion AM. When spatter particles land on unfused material, large lack of fusion-type defects can result. This research involves in-process monitoring of spatter generation by machine learning analyses of high speed videos at the melt pool scale, infrared videos of entire builds, and individual images of fused layers. This experimental work is combined with detailed CDF simulations of argon flow and spatter transport in the build chamber. Collectively, these experimental and modeling investigations are allowing determination of spatter counts and trajectories as spatter is emitted from melt pools, the tracking of spatter particles as they are captured by the flow of argon across the build, and identification of spatter after it has landed on powder. This talk will present results showing changes in spatter counts and trajectories as a function of process parameters and the ability of argon flows to direct spatter away from unfused regions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Better control spatter emission in laser powder bed
  • Understand modeling methods used to understand spatter control
  • Understand experimental methods used to monitor spatter emission