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Design For Additive Manufacturing and Achieving Design Freedom and Mass Customization

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This presentation focuses on Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and its role in achieving Design Freedom (DF). DfAM is a relatively new concept that is critical in optimizing 3D printing and additive manufacturing process, with concepts like parts consolidation, topology optimization, print orientation, lattice or cellular structures in different scales, or multi-material printing. By using example cases, this study will look into DfAM's role on achieving DF and Design for Mass Customization (DfMC). Interactions between these concepts and the challenges of satisfying one without restricting another will be reviewed. The presentation will include discussing tools available for DfAM such as Purdue University's scorecard and their impact on the process, in addition to new tool development which are in-progress. The presentation will conclude with an effort to summarize to reach the big picture in the DfAM ecosystem, including its possible future facets, uses, and relevant tools that may be needed to accomplish successful DfAM in a greater scale.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about DfAM and its role in achieving Design Freedom and Design for Mass Customization
  • Learn about the current and possible future challenges of DfAM
  • Learn about new DfAM tool development