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DfAM vs. Business Model Innovation — Which Unlocks More 3D Printing Applications?

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Knowing how to find, develop and launch successful applications is one of the biggest challenges to increasing the adoption of 3D printing. 3D printing creates many exciting possibilities, but applications are only successful if they create more value than traditional manufacturing methods. One does not have to be using 3D printing for long to encounter this challenge, and it can be harder to overcome than one would think. 

Design for additive manufacturing attracts a lot of attention as an important tool to reduce cost and optimize designs. Business model innovation is another tool to create successful applications, but does not receive as much attention. Which tool unlocks more 3D printing applications? It may not be what you first think. 

This presentation will explore multiple case studies and thought models to discuss which tool is more important to growing adoption of 3D printing. Learn the keys to find, develop and launch successful applications. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Find, develop and launch successful applications.
  • Understand the process for business model innovation.
  • Know when to use design for additive manufacturing and when to use business model innovation.
  • Kyle Harvey
    Business Unit Manager - Additive Manufacturing
    Extol, Inc.