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Digital Thread for Large Scale Polymer Hybrid Manufacturing

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Center Street Technologies (CST) is using a Model-Based Definition (MBD) approach through an Advanced Manufacturing Confluence (AMC) Large Hybrid Manufacturing System. The digital MBD system enables an authoritative digital definition of a product in the 3D master model (idealized) that drives both the additive and subtractive manufacturing of the AMC system. This digital definition is verified and validated with a sensor-based metrology system (Grale™) to capture the geometric digital twin at completion and in-process stages of the process. The MBD is considered the “truth” definition that uses GD&T (PMI) embedded requirements that are inspected for Variation Analysis (VSA) and Dimensional Planning with the Grale Laser Inspection method. The AMC system utilizes the Siemens NX module to capture the MBD and Grale Geometric Digital Twin of the as-printed and as-machined digital capture. Quality of the “truth”/idealized can then be determined and captured for non-conformance and product traceability. Digital twin data can be visualized and quantitatively processed in the digital environment and stored in the Technical Data Package (TDP). The CST framework/workflow is based on a digital representation and capture the form, fit and function of the desired part or assembly. The framework is to capture and retain desired design aspects, manufacturing driven instructions, and as-inspected artifacts that are centrally saved for a comprehensive set of meta- data. This will allow for a data-driven quality system for automated manufactured systems. CST will show and demonstrate this workflow on an application with the “true” digital signature.

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon completion, participant will be able to see how a digital thread is seamlessly established in a large-scale polymer hybrid manufacturing system
  • Upon completion, participant will be able to see how the custom Grale scanning system is integrated within the AMC system and the digital data can be utilized
  • Alex Fitzgerald
    Additive Manufacturing Engineer
    Center Street Technologies
  • Matt Heffinger
    Additive Manufacturing Engineer
    Center Street Technologies