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Direct Part Printing Is the Future, Advanced Automotive Tooling Is the Now

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EOS North America, Exco Engineering and Hitech Mold will take a deep dive into the world of advanced tooling. Exco and Hitech are both traditional mold and die contract manufacturers who adapted 3DP. Although direct print parts are the future of the automotive industry, the reality is that today's best use case is advanced tooling. Advanced tooling is much more sophisticated than the use of small FDM product aids we all think of with 3DP tooling. It's functional end-use tooling inserts. We will show how the use of conformal cooling and conformal venting for injection molding and high-pressure die casting in revolutionizing automotive tooling. These use cases will showcase how injection molding and die casting production speeds are reaching new heights and the finished part quality is higher than before. We show examples of tools withstanding 150,000+ high pressure die cast shots without failure. All of the tooling built in this presentation will be made of DMLS technology and be made of maraging steel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how 3D printing enables tooling and is not the enemy of it
  • Understand how 3D printed tooling is reducing costs, increasing speeds and improving quality in the injection molding and die casting world
  • Grasp why maraging steel is used for 3D printing instead of H13 and how it's not the perceived issue people believe it to be
  • Jon Walker
    Automotive Specialist & Business Development Manager
    EOS North America
  • Lead Process Engineer - Metal AM
    General Motors