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Employing Metal Additive to Supercharge Your Injection Mold Tooling

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This presentation will focus on the many advantages that 3D cooling channels, porous structures and metal hybrid techniques have in improving the injection mold building and processing disciplines.  The talk will provide real-world examples of how utilizing conformal cooling has drastically reduced the cost of manufacturing on injection molded components.  It will provide return on investment (ROI) calculations for delegates to use as they begin to incorporate this technology into their molding operations.  Using multiple case studies, this presentation will focus on the benefits and use cases for metal AM in the injection molding industry.  The presentation will highlight benefits starting with the design of the plastic injection mold all the way through the entire process through the quality of the Injection molded component.  It will also present the value-proposition for the tooler, molder and OEM in injection molding programs.  Using industry standard calculations, the talk will present the monetary benefits to all three stakeholders in the Injection molding life cycle.

Learning Objectives:

  • Clearly identify the technical and financial benefits of employing metal Am in their molding process
  • Evaluate if the potential cost and quality improvements are significant enough to your customers to improve a company's value proposition
  • Evaluate the many AM platforms and choose the one suited to your business situation