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From Metal Binder Jetting to Metal Material Jetting – A User Perspective

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After gaining experience with binder jetting technology, a leading metal service manufacturer offering both additive and traditional manufacturing services decided to expand its metal additive manufacturing portfolio of systems by purchasing and deploying a metal material jetting system. 

In this presentation, the CEO of the metal manufacturer will explain this move and the benefits from diversifying the technologies he utilizes in his metal manufacturing business.

Explaining the varying capabilities of both metal binder jetting and metal material jetting, he will address not only how these technologies function but also how their differences impact produced parts and business operations. 

He will point out to the drivers and reasons for adapting the very first metal material jetting system, focusing on what this technology would enable him that was impossible to manufacture with binder jetting technology. 

Dror Danai, chief business officer of Xjet, will join him and will highlight metal material jetting’s unique capabilities in terms of surface quality, details and part complexity, all while enhancing the physical and mechanical properties of the produced metal part. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand key quality and operational differences between metal material jetting and metal binder jetting.
  • Realize that metal material jetting is now available and operational.
  • Appreciate the new production possibilities and business opportunities opened up by metal material jetting.