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Green Laser Technology

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In many high-end applications, the combination of material properties of copper and geometric freedom offered through additive manufacturing is highly sought after. Examples are aerospace combustion systems, electronics cooling devices and induction heating.

We present our recent advances in copper and precious metal additive manufacturing.  Results are achieved with a system with a green, frequency doubled TruDisk 1020 laser which is integrated into a TruPrint laser metal fusion printing system. We utilize different configurations of laser source and focusing optics to increase laser power, vary spot size and combine into processing strategies with continuous wave, pulsed and modulated operation of the laser source.

The effects of processing parameters and variation of energy input on the laser-metal interaction during fusing, on melt pool size and melting and solidification dynamics, are studied and presented. Subsequently, these are applied to achieve higher detail resolution and lower surface roughness, while maintaining superior material properties and high economic efficiency of a green laser copper additive manufacturing system. Results will be presented for geometrical resolution and surface roughness, density and conductivity, as well as part performance in application.

From presented results, possibilities to scale green laser powder bed fusion systems to increase build volume and productivity are discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why productivity can be increased so much with different lasers
  • Learn about new materials which can be produced in near future
  • Show use cases and the impact in different markets